a poem a day by A.J.Rao

Silver fish

They were with me for forty years,
In thick and thin and fat and lean.

They would eat all bodies’ words
And bodies choked on their dust.

They would swim  print and dust
And bring books to the final dust.

They levelled with me in the glass
Bouncing at ends of space as fish

In glass to amuse  human follies.
I mistook them for silvery words.

Silence is golden but the speech
Often is silver in  a book’s spine.

a poem a day by A.J.Rao


I hear more and more waves,
Spiritual waves in beach walk,

Where all things strike shores
As waves bearing dead turtles

And men washed up by death
In the rocks, like water bottles.

Men and things ride the waves
Sometimes like quietly smiling

At times with breaking sounds
Like pail in dark waters of well.

We have waves in under belly
From the mind of a mid night.

They make the whoosh sound
Like eerie gravitational waves

From a world of recently dead
Physicist sucked in black hole.

We will soon be in a black hole.
We make our own eerie sound,

Like the thud of the water pail
In the lonely dark well waters,

No waves to break on a shore,
Only a ripple on a dark night.

a poem a day by A.J.Rao

Blood sun

We belonged to same blood
As your blood drained away.

It found estuary in stomach
Where it joined a whole sea.

Now sea is water and brine,
White as moon lather walk.

Actually it is blood we bore.
We belonged to same blood.

Blood is my sun on the boil,
Every morning high on sea.

Now I see blood in my eyes,
Waiting for it to enter its sea.

a poem a day by A.J.Rao

In the eye of trouble

The right eye bloomed once again.
A hibiscus waved gently in corner.

In the corner of my fistful of mind
A fear dawns of returning a Borges.

Sea wind would make hiss in door.
Was it my pre-dawn spectre at sea?

The red eye has yet to appear in sky.
A ship has just crowed a new dawn.

The sea awakens the night’s crows,
Already, to  sea’s washed up bodies.

In eye of trouble, I seek doctor eye
For assurance of a continued light.

a poem a day by A.J.Rao


Everyday you are new dead,
Some John has said up dyke.

Why fear death every dawn?
Thy naughty neutrinos enter

You and me , iron and sheet,
Through walk ,through sleep

God knows why they do this,
Thro no holes ,no hill passes

Merely to mock  mortal asses
And just a few empty gasses

Or some ashes or molasses
Empty of bodies and juices.

Are not hard-boiled toffees
In boy’s pockets we carried.

Merely chargeless , massless,
A few  neutrinos to protons.

They take away  meanings,
Make  every day new dead

An old dead some new day
As sun goes dead in the sea.

(On reading John Updyke’s poem Cosmic Gall)

a poem a day by A.J.Rao

Shape of water

In the time we had lived in mom
We took the shape of her water.

As we came out of her to a sun,
Water took the shape of a body .

It sploshed in our coconut skull,
As we shook head to empty sky.

Now we live near the sea where
We do not know a sea from sky.

We are old and dry ,not knowing
The shape of the water to come.

a poem a day by A.J.Rao

So much life

The  day’s road barricade opens,
Pulled aside to let a food cart in.

Day opens the morning’s snack,
As a sea is stifling nightly yawn.

The day opens life on sidewalk,
For hawkers to lay their wares.

A day opens to plastic tea cups,
As the old walk their hearts out.

The day opens crows full of life
Around a dead turtle on beach.


a poem a day by A.J.Rao

Morning poem

The light cloud in my head
And nimbus sitting on  sea

Form one continuous mass
Of crows and fishes caught

And wriggling in a fish net,
Fishermen caught tugging.

And now who tugs whom
Forms cloud of a seascape

Set to infinity beyond hill
Of a vague dolphin’s nose

Which is an image caught
In the mass of light cloud.

I wake one more sea-day
After many such wakings,

To be alive one more day,
As my cloud drifts on sea.