a poem a day by A.J.Rao

Shut up

No anchor word comes up
Against sea’s hum in rocks,
With mighty fall each time.

Early on, posthumous poet
Shrieked in a prose closet,
Shrill bird to thank poems.

God’s sake,you do not sing
But do your poetry thing,
On your mind’s free wing,

Breaking free from  form.
Prose is shut up by poetry,
Poet escapes with the key.

(On reading Emily Dickinson’s poem They Shut Me Up In Prose)

a poem a day by A.J.Rao

Writing on the wall

The walls are at the right angles,
Where we spit out a green saliva.

But writing is clear on our walls.
We need them to aim our water

As we lift hind legs of our pasts,
Since bodies are so full of water.

Sea towers as a wall to final sky.
Sand marks our time in its belly.

It  is a wall near old submarine
And now we are at ease by  sea.

When we spot sea’s dead turtle
We don’t read writings on wall.

We are just at ease with water.
Sky is high and vague up there.



a poem a day by A.J.Rao

Wedding by the sea

In  cheerful forest of lights,
Songs explode in speakers,
Shatter a quiet hum of sea.

A wedding party shall end
Everyone’s solitude by sea,
Dancing like the sea wave.

Into every wave shall enter
A sound to pierce its  quiet
To break shells over selves

And spill insides on shore,
Like dead turtles by crows
Or lie as stillborn embryos.

a poem a day by A.J.Rao


You try to take in a new world
That seems a whirr of the fan

And  a picture with big bodies
Looking at mountain horizon.

Your own horizon is big body,
A cave from which you came.

Keep  screwball eyes together,
As they search the new world

That rises and falls like waves
While its sounds echo in head

Like endless sea in empty sky.
Now you feel thumb in mouth.

Flapping feet defines horizon.
Now you cry in your stomach

Cave takes you in its  horizon
And the mountains are peace.

a poem a day by A.J.Rao


I live as words ,as airy being
On the earth of red fat mud.

I am composed of red earth
That rises to blue-green sky

With palms swaying a wind
Between eye and a sea ‘s sky.

I largely breath  my words.
They breath a fine red dust.

I am composed of blue sea
An empty sky ,a red earth .

I decompose as a fine dust,
A sea’s lather at a dying sun.

a poem a day by A.J.Rao

Death by drowning

In a time and theme of colours,
Boy dives to probe deep inside.

So many are  colours displayed
On face it can see with no eyes

Their own resplendence by sun
Turns pure-white plastic pearls

That may not be much interest
To carcasses of passing turtles.

Those are not pearls but beads
Found on body washed ashore.

( A boy drowns in the sea celebrating Holi the festival of colours)

a poem a day by A.J.Rao

Mynahs do not sing

They are shy of sea near a sky
And its beach that washes up

A dead turtle and a sea- snake
Crows grapple with on beach.

But actually they land on  sill
To hang upside on a T.V. dish

To peep inside our third floor
Drawing room, at satellite TV

In which exotic jungle’s birds
Chirp their songs on channel.

Confused about strange birds,
They return to their breakfast

Which is largely some worms
Or a grass-hopper in bad luck.

When they are lost for words,
They fly away to another sill.

The Mynah sings neither solo
Nor with its parrot paramour.

a poem a day by A.J.Rao


Back home , in a shepherds’ land
Where I and the crows were born

I was a baby in the dark howling
Out of overwhelming cloth walls.

The crows were born in the tree
Under influence of coastal night.

Grown crows would snatch soap
From open well water bathroom.

I would cry ,when they swooped
On the nefarious tooth and claw

On bath soap leaving claw-marks.
I was then scared little child soul.

I am a body old and bald by  sea.
Crows are darker by their deeds

Emptying the  turtles of contents
In bodies washed ashore at night

When trapped in fish men’s nets.
Crows are red in tooth and claw.