Every instant

Encounter every instant entirely as it is, in pure wonder.
Every Instant
Published by Ivan M. Granger under Thoughts for the Day in Poetry Chaikhana blog

-“There can be no two separate entities that have all their properties in common “
Leibnitz’s law


Encounter every instant
Like God is a deep page,

Another in a living room
Recharging your phone.

Mobile phone’s recharge
Is an individual worlding

A blade of grass at dawn
Is inĀ  ontology of its own.

Listen to a dark of crows ,
A blade of grass at dawn,

A cow in wonder in grass
For a milk for your coffee.

You try to find two blades
Of properties ,in common

And run a lawn in corsets
To learn calculus of world.

The cow encounters grass
Each blade is own wonder .

Says Leibnitz, in ontology,
Each faces its own instant.

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