It is raining , artist tells mom.
Mom rises out of newspaper.

Sofa softly farts like old man,
No one has noticed or heard.

There is no one to hear here,
Only an autist who imagines.

There is pitter patter on roof
In a rain no body hears farts.

Mom goes on to  clothesline.
It is no rain and only the sun

Farting to  a glory on clothes.
Clothes smell of lime flower.

Sun has no bum to fart with
Nor sofa with mom in news.

Artist has noticed sofa farts
Interchangeably with autist.

Mom opens kitchen window
To find it is raining on a tree.

it is now rain and now a sun.
They both marry in a cloud.

A sofa farts now with mom
Reading the weather news.

A sky farts loud in the cloud
Sky has no bum to fart with.

Nevertheless sky farts loud.
Everyone has a right to fart.

(taking off on a first hand account of severe autism in excerpts from a book by Naoki Higashida in Lithub)