Anchor word

The world keeps me in a state
Of boundedness to a sentence .
Mountain child becomes born

And turns a wavering coconut,
That dallies with the sea wind .
A  child born to the mountain

Points to a  new bird of plane.
Look there is now a new bird !
Planes are here and language.

An anchor word is yet missing.
Now the near one is transiting
From silence to a radiated arm.

The arm turns blue like the sky
As there will be nothing like it.
Please go on with woman talk

While I hear inside my eyelids.
I hear the fall of the cascades
That I cannot hear her silence,

Says the poet of the near  one
Transiting from a temporary
To  permanent future silence.

I am waiting for anchor word.
The word fails as  poetry gains.
I am anchored to nothingness.

Mountains melt to  turn river.
River flows to a  big wide sea.
The mountain child turns sea.


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