Pillars of our society

We are making our city’s pillars
For Metro’s future trains to pass.

And our pillars shall have trains
On them in the undefined future.

In interregnum , our young men
Upon the dad’s educated money

Shall drink to a success full liquor
In drunk mid nights to bang head

Against the pillars in the making
To come out as their meat of cars .

In the meantime ,our sundry cars
Full of a success liquor shall bash

Against the pillars like in a sport
Of the farm animals racing south

For a pleasure of head’s violence
As all heads are headed to bang.

In interregnum ,we may number
Our pillars in a white paint, as 141

Or 189 etc and on for an address
Of city’ s beggars for a night stay .

In interregnum, before trains start
We make hash job of pillar design

For pillars to make meat of men
In crash sound like Jehova’s bolt .


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