a poem a day by A.J.Rao


Tam believe that love grows in the stomach and that they go around clutching their bellies when their hearts are broken. “‘You are in my stomach’ was their most intimate expression of love,” Nell says

Euphoria  – A novel by Lily King . From a quote in Lithub

The ceiling is hard part of night
Hollow with the snakes of wires,
Dangling from its false bottom.

A flat needs to grow green walls
Like the slimy snakes of jealousy
And hold green bottom of ocean.

A ceiling will turn so hard, so far
In a dark part of night I breathe,
Experience universe in stomach

Let us hold you and others tight
In joint stomach as they of Tam
Whose love grows in a stomach.

My feeling is hard , so far away
But it is the sky of love growing
As love lightens green jealousy.

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