The real meaning of persona is a mask, such as actors were accustomed to wear on the ancient stage; and it is quite true that no one shows himself as he is, but wears his mask and plays his part.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Like in old stage we had ourselves
As different personae, our masks
Green and eyes twitching in loves.

How we wore green grease paint
And enjoyed twitching our brows
On the stage to the beat of drum

At a street level we were monkeys
Who clapped like keyed machines
But a keying would last a minute

Till next winding, next eye twitch.
In between ,we kept us occupied
As shadows stretching to the roof

Shadows were projected on hands
Their faces ribald and heads bald
It was all a shadow of handiwork.

Shadows ate and drank, cracked
Smutty jokes on wall on fingers.
They were so practiced in jokes.


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