See things as they are

Poetry’s urgency sees things
As they are, a surge in room

Except that mine is at  lizard
On a wall that says kitta kitta

Lizard says things as they are
And urgent is surge at worm

Worm is surge in foolishness
Of staying out of worm hole.

There is a great urgency here
To see the things as they are

Shadows that breathe in here.
Up on wall is worm and prey.

Lizard says kitta kitta urgent.
Worm sees nothing in lizard.

Lizard says thing in urgency.
It meets a breath in shadow

Shadow is a surge in poetry.
Breath is very  poem that is.

Poem is a breath in shadow
Urgency like breaking wind,

Deriving poems from things
As they breathe up  on wall.

A surge is in poetry of death,
A shadow breathing poems.


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