Let us write into a night.
This is the famous poem,
Famous, nobody knows.

Never thought famously,
But we have some years
For being famously alive.

Now, Nye is famous poet
Who said one could be so,
One to one, if one wished.

You can be quite famous
With that little black bird
On the night’s clothesline.

Keep that a private secret
Between you and the bird
On the famous clothesline

Like underwear neighbor
Famous to the sun to dry,
Secret it shares with sun.

The sun is famous to tree
And tree’s shadow below,
It’s ants on a famous bark.

We are the plastic button
On a shirt ,on clothesline
Famous ,one to one basis.

We will be famously dead
To an earth below and sky
Privately, one to one basis.

(On reading the poem Famous by Naomi Shihab Nye )