We have been in old temple
A long way to know and feel
Our [people] crowd ,children
And moms who lay sprawled

On the frayed green carpets
Under a sky of bamboo roof
With stars of sunlight holes
Their faces lit by God inside.

They had God’s food in belly
And now they rest smoothly
On their well oiled stomachs,
Wait patiently as God sleeps.

Now they take the ox on rent
A young ox with bovine future
That lies with the God’s men
When he is set to the plough.

Ox circumambulates temple
For man’s wife to bear child.
Ox is their innocent God fear.
It is just 100 rupees for rent.

God sleeps inside  old stone.
As we pray for our own sons
For their wives to bear child,
We search Him in sky chinks.