a poem a day by A.J.Rao


I never knew until my today
How useful you clips were.
You were such docile  clips.

I read early morning poem
To discover paper clips are
What we miss in hard disc.

You are thus far malleable.
Whenever I sit on a phone,
You are love to straighten.

Clips ,when I am on phone,
We call “you” in geography
And in old school’s history.

We bend U to straight line
And  we hate to have “you”.
Now we have U too many.

Straight lines intercept us.
Our egos twist into crooks
With harsh metal sounds.

Many times we use them
To open our locked out ego
But discard them on road.

When we seem undecided
We take such a you -turn
Calling you gems of clips.

In our you- tube we flaunt
Our egos no one watches.
Only you are gems of clips.

(My own take on A Poem by Andy Rooney by Richard Garcia)


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