a poem a day by A.J.Rao

Running conversation

“Language is the hallmark of humanity—it allows us to form deep relationships and complex societies. But we also use it when we’re all alone; it shapes even our silent relationships with ourselves. In his book, The Voices Within, Charles Fernyhough gives a historical overview of “inner speech”—the more scientific term for “talking to yourself in your head.”


You talk to chief minister in private
Just below the beach’s earth,staring
Skywards from her gray inner space.

Chief minister has her inner speech
Rising rapidly to inside  sky of wood
But not beyond our earth to blue sky.

Chief minister is at  mom promises,
Being mom to all, in their stomachs
And bottled water to the dry throats.

You may  talk to every body’s mom,
As if you talk to self,a bit of yourself
Talking fervently to other inside bit.

A running conversation shall go on
Till you are inside your beach earth,
When sea’s hum will drown all talk.

(Remembering Jayalalitha the former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, mom to all, who passed two days ago)


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