we had gone to see tongue sticking out
to look down safely on us and a people,
a mass of humanity on the river banks.

we would see many numbers of torsos
and police ordering torsos by number,
stickers marking important torso  cars.

mother is now in her new bright house
a tower bursting with the kitsch colors,
obtruding with cement storied figures.

(her vintage house had been destroyed
by bearded sultans westwardly praying.
now she is back in a kitschy new house.)

we would flow with the mass of people
as a larval flow of muddy feet in queue
to see our mother sticking  tongue out.

we thank goddess we are independent.
now we have  our  independent torsos
bathing in rivers  dirty by other torsos.

(after white torsos had left our shores
to fight their  own independent wars
leaving them pale as impaled moons.)

we  now make an  independent poem
of  goddess mothers sticking tongues,
in white tongue, not a mother tongue.

(mother tongue independently sticks
out of kitschy country mother songs
sung by  our high-throated school kids)

we thank our bare chested grandfather
who had made us independent people
and a wet mass of river bathing torsos.


(Today, on the 15th of August,India celebrates her 69th Independence day)


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