O my floating life
Do not save love
for things
Throw things
to the flood.
—Lorine Niedecker, Paen to Place

Poet of black hawk, sings a Paen to place,
You do not save things but throw things
to the flood.

Drama keeps tugging at sleeves floating.
Do not save the love for drama but throw
to the mountains.

Death god fathers a dharma assiduously
And fathers son for love to throw things
to floating away

Death god’s son causes floating elephant
To die for dharma to be one up on bodies
but throw things

Death god’s son keeps his body floating
For his  dharma to  be victorious on body
but throw things

We are floating things, computer poems.
Please do not save things for a computer
but throw things

We are floating life and we have no place
For place paens, our fixations all floating
throw to floating.

(Yudhistir the eldest of the Pandavas and Death God’s son, has won the Mahabharata War by Dharma (righteousness) but jettisons everything including his love for brothers and wife ,on his way up the Himalayas to Nirvana)


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