We sit with morning before it’s purple
Waiting for world to explode on screen
While we look for a purple hue in east.

In our words a sun comes home purple
Since someone has spooked it already
And purple is an alternative to orange.

We await a bomb to explode on screen.
Sure such purple explosions take place
On screen and off screen, like carnival.

You ask why we are fixated on a purple.
Since explosions occur off the tangent
And a resultant blood is quite colorful.

A purple blood is no thicker than water.
From sunsets of poets to  their sunsets
Blood drips from a nondescript bomb.

We do face to face interviews on bomb.
That is where our explosions take place
And you suddenly turn purple like sun.

We are purple with shame on our faces
Where it is spattered in shrapnel color
And nobody buys words for twopence.