we have had quite a few of them now,
neat satires made from  helplessness,
for instance what the dead did below
as bright red guns boomed a gunnery.

it is good to stay helpless and below
as Hardy would say about happiness,
occasional episode in general drama.
skeletons are episodes far too below.

we try to be as Kafka-like as possible
because satire in the general drama
is at the end of episode for skeletons
and they cannot share a  mutual joy.

they can be Kafkaesque and a delight
can be shared by skeletons helplessly
with the worms and other concerned,
with permits you apply but won’t get.

nobody is making the satires wilfully
we are just helpless like the skeletons
we make satires of the circumstances.
we now call them by the name irony.

(Referring to Thomas Hardy’s poem Channel Firing)


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