Girl in a dream

A girl has come here to mark time
And  perchance dream, with sister
Reading a book, on the river bank,
Feel a bit warm and stupid nearby
On the unusual riparian afternoon.

Her sister reads a book absolutely,
With no pictures and conversations.
The girl has dream, full of pictures
And live full-blown conversations.

A white rabbit takes Gandhi watch
From waistcoat pocket to see time.
Getting late ,she says to pass time,
What nice proper way to pass time.

In rabbit hole down where the girl
Is falling ,falling,falling and falling
She finds a marmalade jar in shelf
Unfortunately , empty to eat from
But still good enough to time pass.

On the hole intriguing ,one agrees.
The caterpillar is puffing at a pipe
Thoughtfully asking who she was.
She didn’t know after her changes.

Girls have dreams , all their times ,
Not just that time of lunar month.
We all have dreams in our pillows.
In the hole the scene is interesting.

(reading Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll)


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