Not so much scene

I click my tongue : the poem is not much scene.
My teleprompter is half asleep in this one half.

He will be balance half asleep when it is scene.
Right now we are clicking tongues for a scene.

The faces inside are still going green for scene.
The stage is green ,lean and mean, for a scene.

(Yesterday’s thinking up scene for a tiny poem)

Today there is prompter who is light and awake.
I think up  slightly larger scene off green room.

A world seems coming out in a few greenhorns
Who move eyes and bushy brows up and down.

I hold tongue hard and give meaningless shrug
To keep this poem lean ,mean and green scene.

(arising out of the movie metaphor “not so much scene” used frequently in daily conversation in my part of the world.Here the scene describes the poetic process)


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