They were  color full of clothes hanging
On the edge of the road and live women
And lama boys in ocher smiles who ran
From sky to sky across mud mountains.
The mountains looked down upon them
Full of sunny affection slightly melting.

The women there sat on a high culvert
Who had come down from mountains.
And the children in red school uniform
Had slid down slopes to say A for apple.

The horses would graze mountain grass
As proof of a peaceful mountain nature.
In the night there hung a broken moon
A funny joker moon laughing a sputter,
Previously hung by the mountain edge
Along with the non-sticky white clouds.

Mountains had large soul of butter ice
Like yaks they were peaceful and white.
In the rains there had a loose character
They released nasty boulders on roads.

They sometimes rumbled like a thunder
In menacing dark clouds of our nature.
On other days they had apple blossoms
On the rough edges off the giddy roads.
The horses pooped peacefully on snow.
Sleds slid smoothly , just hold on tight.


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