Ah no

Just when a high tea garden is ready
And song sung high in tenor and bass
Storm birds seem to wing their way in
And the perfect rose is ript in the wall.

Ah no , why does a heartless old man
Have high morals for the church mice
Mice wanting to celebrate tea garden
And ah , why would he spoil their fun?

Look how his rain drop ploughs down
The carved names who cleared moss
Whose face birthday candles mooned.
Ah no it is just an occasional episode.

The episode is over in each fifth line
Ah no, is it not time to move indoors
To wait for a painful drama to unfold
The years , the years, Ah, the years?

(referring to Thomas Hardy’s pessimistic poem Wind and Rain. and a famous quote from one of his novels “Happiness was but the occasional episode in a general drama of pain”)


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