A pass passes

all lovely things do begin beautiful
but fragrant flesh rots and ceases.
all lovely things soon begin to fade.

the white of the glacial snows melt
to the global warming malfeasance.
the hands raised will drop and fall.

youth will raise its hands to a glass
to forget a world spinning beyond
an ocean rising by a degree of heat.

goldenrod and daisies shall wither.
autumn rain shall blow over them.
all fragrant flesh withers and falls.

the globe will spin and turn warm
by a degree on the water’s margin.
a pass passes, knows not whither.

(A top environmentalist who has falsely claimed the Himalayan glaciers will melt by 2035 due to human activity has recently been accused of making a pass at a lady colleague. All Lovely Things Will Have an Ending is a poem by Conrad Aiken)


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