For look, the whole is infinitely newer
than a cable or a high apartment house.
The stars keep blazing with an ancient fire
and all the more recent fires will fade out.

— Rainer Maria Rilke, Sonnets to Orpheus

It is in the very moment of mine
The aeons speak with the aeons
And all the recent fires fade out
But the stars shall remain new
And blazing much after a cable
And the high apartment house.

A cable stretches from the sea
Hoary and rising to new moon,
A starry moment across aeons
When a Rilke’s words are born
As wholes and new in a space
With the fires in midnight sky
Burning holes between aeons.

We are on cable in high house.
Our astral transmissions cease
Like the recent fires faded out.
Our very moment in first mom
Snaps after we are born to cry.
High house is ashes soon after,
As the fade out of recent fires.