If we want to stare ,we have to stand.
We cannot have our leisure with care.
We need to be carefree not in tampon,
But about credit card dues and EMI’s,
Keeping up with the neighbour geeks,
Dodging shit in performance reviews.

Look the tampon is leaking, I told you
To go  carefree and you did not listen.

Let us you and I stand here and stare.
We are staring at a piece of virgin sky.
We take glance at beauty that passes.
Beauty does not stand to return stare.
We  stare at its glassy eyes,frosty lips.

We have leisure and no blanks to stare .
Walls are full with posters of big boobs
That you and I cannot stand and stare.
Life is full of care and no blanks to stare.


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