Catch them young only if you can
Because there is always the catch
A twenty second one ,like mother
Right or not to kiss her good night
For boys who outgrow their warts.

There lies a big fishy catch below
Enough to catch, not right to eat
And you are doubtful vegetarian
With compelling need to eat B12.
Fish do not compromise morals.

You have warts and day stubble
And you cannot make omelettes
Without breaking Sunday’s eggs
Failed to hatch on chastity issues
As the chicken crossed the road.

You ask why your farm labourer
Is sitting on that palm tree’s top.
There is hollowness in his straw.
The cattle have not yet had their
Morning breakfast for the udders.

But where is the 22 of your catch
Asks a Yossarian to your privacy.
You may count upto twenty one
To get twenty two but if you do
Your catch is never twenty two.
You catch your breath to choke.


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