a poem a day by A.J.Rao

Parts of Speech

why do we always come back to doers
in lip readings on television ,please tell.
why are lips reading doers doing stuff
and eyes see the doings in other lips?

cut it out you lip reader with the eyes
that see them as a human constancy
of attention in a history’s dead pages,
when pages turn empty of all history

history is made in these dark corners
where there are no doers, only a done.
why is news only of lips living in dying
and other hands as parts of speeches
in north ,in south,in west and in east.

throw clothes to all four directions
that will make your body permanent
to see under feet history’s trampled
speech parts ,bodies unmade in lips
verb undistinguished from the noun
whether common or not proper one
the doers always done and undone.

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