a poem a day by A.J.Rao


(Ha! As I thought – the first picture with no (human) characters – I’m including the puppets as honorary people. Given you heart, but I love your views of folk going about their fascinating lives-A comment on one of my pictures in a photo-blog)

Ah the first one with no humans-
Characters that people my story.
“No problem” boat has character.
It is not a bluest of boats in river
Nor what structures blue space .

Just a blip someone notices blue-
An empty boat in a shaking wind
And water shaking so obligingly
To the passing wind under a sky,
A colorable exercise about blue.

But our humans are everywhere
In blue boats with empty promise
Of Eden with no snakes in trees,
Lush on this side of foremother.
At times they are mere puppets
Lying outside box before a show.

(A poem describing a photographic journey)


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